Youth Coordinator Position and other Board News

Youth Programs Coordinator

In addition to posting an open position for an Assistant Music Director, we will be posting an opening for a Youth Coordinator.  After a year with us in this position, Amy Ruiter will not be returning in the fall. This was a mutual decision due to conflicts between her family schedule and North Parish youth group meetings and events. We thank Amy for her work with our youth, especially with our Junior Youth Group. We know her time with our JYG youth means a great deal to her and are grateful that she will be available for a good-bye event in August for youth and families; please stay tuned for details.The Board has approved the job description and posting for a new youth programs coordinator and the Personnel Committee has begun a search. If you are aware of someone who would make a good candidate, please share information about the position.

New Member

The Board welcomes Tiffany Moon as a new member of North Parish! She has two daughters Lea & Emme who are active participants in our youth programs.

Cell phone tower in Old Center

Kirk Olsen and Erika Cohen Maddaluno represented North Parish at a meeting of the Old Center Historic District Commission as they considered a proposal for ATT to replace the now unused phone pole near our accessible parking with a taller pole holding a 5G cell phone tower. At the meeting, ATT lawyers realized how complicated that particular location is and requested a continuance to explore other options.