Publicize Request

Use this form to submit a request to PUBLICIZE a News or Event story on our website or in the eNews. If you have multiple items to be publicized or listed, submit a separate form for each one. Use the SPACE REQUEST form to reserve our building and grounds space for your event or meeting. The form is found under the News & Calendar menu and on the How Do I? page. If you wish to reserve a North Parish Zoom link, please contact the church office.

  • Have you reserved your space on our calendar?

    If your event uses physical or virtual space at North Parish, please submit and confirm that the space is available before you submit your News or Event story.
  • Where will my News or Event story be publicized?

    We have two venues for news and event information. Brief ENEWS items appear in our weekly email publication, seen only by subscribers. Longer WEBSITE News and Event stories can be viewed by anyone who visits our website. Current AND previously published website items can be viewed using the "See All..." buttons on the Home Page or through the News & Events menu.
  • SELECT ONE OR BOTH. ENEWS items need to be brief (what, when, where, contact info). A WEBSITE News or Event story can be longer, provide general information about an activity or project, or advance notice and information on an upcoming event, for example, if tickets or reservations are needed. Both Website stories and Weekly eNews are handled by our Membership Coordinator.
  • Make it short and catchy.
  • ENEWS items need to be brief - 2-3 sentences (what, when, where, contact info), can include a photo, and usually run 2 weeks. SUBMIT BY 3 PM ON WEDNESDAY! More detailed information can be added to the submission form for the website below.
  • WEBSITE News and Events items can be longer. It is OK to include links to other websites or pages; please be sure to copy the URL correctly. If there is an RSVP or registration required, enter that information here. You can also use this field to enter special instructions - for example, to indicate heading(s) that you wish to emphasize.
  • For website News & Event stories, please include a photo if possible. Landscape format is best. Submit only photos that you have taken or have permission to use. If no photo is provided, a default one may be used.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • Contact Information

    • If you are submitting the request on behalf of someone else, you may enter their name if they will be the contact for questions and followup.
    • This email will be used to contact you about your request submission.
    • This email address will be included in all postings. Teams and committees are encouraged to use their North Parish team email address.
    • If you need to make a correction

      If you have already submitted your request and need to make a change, email our Membership Coordinator directly -