Racial Justice

"There's always a moment of invitation to rethink or reevaluate. We're being invited into this cosmic dance of renewal and joy and justice...

…But you have to make the justice; it doesn’t just show up without our participation, or our effort. Things don’t get better just by us waiting for them to happen. We all have to engage in the better making from wherever we are and each moment presents an invitation for us to do that”

Excerpts from a sermon by Tayikah Nur Amin  "The Call to Our Faith" https://www.uua.org/worship/words/homily/call-our-faith

Mission and Commitment

To help us understand the role of race in ourselves, our institutions, and the wider community as we strive to dismantle white supremacy and become an anti-racist congregation. See what participants are saying about how their understanding of themselves and the community has been impacted by this work.

  • Nourish our understanding by hosting workshops and film, podcast and book discussions.
  • Awaken and engage the congregation in anti-racist activities.
  • Inspire legislative action around criminal justice reform, immigration, and other justice issues.

What We Are Doing

For information on all of these activities see the Racial Justice listings in News & Events

All are welcome to participate.

Black Life's Matter Steet

What We Have Done

Linked below are some of the books, podcasts and movies we have discussed as a group. We are always ready to support repeat programs for new groups with discussion and facilitation guides.

For more information see past Annual Reports

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