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At North Parish we believe in making room in our lives for connection, companioning, and kinship

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Ask any of our congregants, “What attracted you to North Parish?” and they’ll most likely say our active congregational life and our commitment to our community and world around us. 

We believe everyone – regardless of age or ability – has something to offer.

Your gift of time and talent is what creates and sustains us all. Participation – large or small – is how we create and sustain our faith community. It is how we connect with one another.

What can you do?

Sunday isn’t the only day to tap into the North Parish community. Regardless of the time or day, chances are something is going on – things that need you to make them happen!

  • Small groups, meetings, classes, helping with programs, lunches or suppers, taking care of our space
  • One-time and ongoing opportunities to meet people, find support, explore your spirituality, to give back both within and beyond the church
  • Time commitments at many different levels, opportunities to work alone or with others
  • Opportunities to use skills or talents you already possess or try something completely new

Whether you have a few hours to offer or time and interest for a longer commitment, we have a place for you.

Explore these activities within North Parish: 

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All are welcome – join us!