Annual Giving Pledge

We have a business plan, a life plan, and a financial plan, how about a contribution plan.

Suzanne F. Stevens

How do we pay the bills?

The North Parish is 100% supported by contributions from members and friends. 

  • Some of those contributions are through volunteering – giving our time and talent to programs within the North Parish community, including fundraising activities.
  • The biggest portion of the money necessary to support our mission comes from the financial contributions we all make – and the biggest portion of that comes through pledges received as an Annual Giving Pledge.
Funding graphic showing 87% comes from Pledges, 10% fundraising, 3% other; budget graphic showing 24% ministerial, 17% admin, 19% Faith Formation, 13% each facilities and payroll related, 6% music, 8% other

Making an Annual Giving Pledge

Early each year our Stewardship Committee holds an Annual Giving Campaign, asking members and friends to pledge their financial support for the coming fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Your pledge indicates your plan to contribute. Our Treasurer, Board of Trustees, and Finance Committee tally the pledges received during that campaign, plus the anticipated revenues from Fundraising efforts, and use that amount to plan our Annual Budget – how we pay for our staff, care for our building, and offer the diverse array of programs offered to our congregation and the wider community. 

Annual giving is one of the many ways that you can provide financial support. Here are other options.