Elementary Programs

Children in classrooms - art project, storiesWhen are classes held?

Our Elementary Faith Formation classes are held on Sundays, concurrent with the Worship service. We begin in the sanctuary with the congregation where children engage in the service and are one with our church community. Following a brief “Time for Wonder” story sharing, where the children are invited to gather around the chalice, the congregation sings everyone off to the classroom wing where fun, learning and spiritual exploration awaits!  Parents and caregivers are welcome to sit in on the classes at any time with their children especially as they adjust to the new environment.

Classes are held from September to June and are divided into four age groups: Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grades and 4th-5th Grades. Classroom learning takes place three Sundays a month, with the fourth Sunday either being a multi-generational service in the sanctuary with the whole congregation or a special Children’s Chapel service where all the classes combine. Children’s Chapel, a miniature worship service, introduces children to the various elements of Unitarian Universalist worship. Each has a theme and features a hands-on exploratory activity project.

What does the curriculum include?

Our programming focuses on nurturing the key relational networks that nourish and support our children. Drawing on the seven principles and six sources  that are the foundation of our Unitarian Universalist faith, we use stories, art projects, interactive play and movement in our weekly lessons. We foster curiosity and a sense of wonder in exploring spiritual life, as well as themes such as morals and ethics, social and environmental justice, world religions, compassion and community and more.

Additional Programs

How you can help

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our Faith Formation programs here at North Parish and there are many ways you can share yourself with our children. One of the best ways to get involved  is to help teach a class session. For more information, email our Director of Faith Formation or phone the church office to leave a message.

Other ways to volunteer include:

  • Assisting during a Children’s Chapel
  • Sharing a specialty in a Backyard Nature program
  • Leading a community service project
  • Sharing your skill as a performer or storyteller in our Spirit Play program
  • Becoming a facilitator in our Elementary Our Whole Lives (OWL) program
  • Donating materials for our classrooms
  • Serving on our Faith Formation Team

Please sign up to be part of our Sunday Team of volunteers for Elementary  programs.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more information regarding our Children’s programs or what volunteering entails, our Director of Faith Formation and members of our Faith Formation Team are always happy and open to chat. Email our Director of Faith Formation or phone the church office to leave a message.