Elementary Programs

Summer Volunteers Needed!

To make summer RE possible we need two volunteers each week! All plans and materials will be provided. If you can offer one hour this summer on a Sunday to our amazing NP children we would be so appreciative!

If you would like to help, please email Susanne, our Director of Faith Formation. Thank you!

Donations Needed!

One Sunday this summer for Summer RE our children will be putting together necessity/care bags for our neighbors who are experiencing housing insecurity. If you are willing and able, please consider donating travel-sized toiletries, warm socks, small water bottles, and non-perishable protein snacks for this project. Donations can be dropped off in Susanne’s office. We appreciate you and thank
you for helping us teach our children to live out their UU values!

When are classes held?

Our Elementary classes are held on Sundays, September through June, concurrent with the Worship service. We begin in the sanctuary with the congregation where children engage in the service with our church community. Following a brief “Time for Wonder” story sharing, where the children are invited to gather around the chalice, the congregation sings everyone off to the classroom wing where fun, learning and spiritual exploration awaits!  Parents and caregivers are welcome to sit in on the classes at any time with their children especially as they adjust to the new environment.

What does the curriculum include?

We believe that elementary children learn through stories and story-based conversation and play. We also turn to multiple sources to gather religious, ethical or spiritual wisdom. “Story Play” is the name for our gatherings for the youngest children. Each Sunday, children learn a wisdom story from Unitarian Universalism, one of the world’s religions, the Hebrew or Christian Bible or the earth’s seasons. They then engage in activities and conversations related to the story to see how it might connect to their lives. Story Play is fun, engaging and creative!

Additional Programs

How you can help

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our Religious Education programs here at North Parish and there are many ways you can share yourself with our children. One of the best ways to get involved  is to help teach a class session. There are ongoing and limited ways to be involved.

Ways to volunteer might include:
  • Assisting during a Children’s Chapel
  • Sharing a specialty in a Backyard Nature program
  • Leading a community service project
  • Sharing your skill as a performer or storyteller in our Spirit Play program
  • Becoming a facilitator in our Elementary Our Whole Lives (OWL) program
  • Donating materials for our classrooms
  • Serving on our Faith Formation Team

If you need more information, email our Director of Family Religious Education or phone the church office to leave a message.