What Will Evolve?

Everything that is worthwhile is done with other people."

- Mariame Kaba, We Do This 'Til We Free Us, shared by Nancy Lennhoff

Dear good people of North Parish,

We find ourselves in that time of many transitions. Older students are heading off to college; younger students are preparing for the first day of school. The weather still feels like summer but we know that fall is around the corner… and with fall comes our return to the sanctuary and the congregation at North Parish.  I hope to see many of you for our Ingathering on September 11th. Let’s rebuild our community this fall!

Two weeks ago, I promised some news about exciting developments going on behind the scenes this summer at North Parish. First on that list is the arrival of our new Assistant Music Director, Christina Kennedy. You can read more about her below; suffice it to say that we are all so delighted she will be joining our team. Get ready for some violin and fiddle music this September!

Another development is that we will be sharing and renting out our sanctuary more often this fall, thanks to the new stage carefully created by Nick Lemire and Debb Putnam. The Essex Chamber Music Players will be holding their October concert at North Parish (which I hope is the first of many more concerts.) In addition, the Jewish Congregation Ahavat Olam will be using our space for the High Holy Days as well as special occasions such as bar mitzvahs and some choir rehearsals. You can read more about this new congregation here.

I love to bring a spirit of open curiosity to each new church year: What will evolve? What will surprise us? What will bless us? Who will join us? What freshness will we discover? What will we let go of… and what new traditions will we begin?

Each of us has a role to play in this adventure… and none of us is in control. Where and how shall the spirit move? I can’t wait to find out!

Yours in curiosity and hope,
Rev. Lee