Weaving Our Multigenerational Community

In August, the Board of Trustees sent a letter asking all of us to pay careful attention to the well-being of children, youth, and families in our congregation as we enter this time of re-opening, while children are not yet able to be vaccinated. These members of our parish have navigated an especially challenging and exhausting 19 months. We are so grateful to those who are helping them reconnect with our faith community!

Children and Youth Programming


Children meeting “under the tents” on Sunday have explored the beauty of bees and beekeeping with with Laura and Brad Howell and our assistant teacher, Christine Leone. They went on a “nature parade” around the church grounds and made nature crowns and leaf people with Keith Connors and his Yorkshire terrier Lyla, and have also gone on walks to find “natural paintbrushes” to create beautiful works of art and settled into the habit of opening and closing circles with Director of Faith Formation Kerry Anne Kilkelly. In the coming weeks, they will learn about the Pennacook (original peoples of this area), about decomposers and habitat certification with Kathy Slade, and go on a story walk with special guest Christine Cohne of Nature’s Pace. They have had a chance to reconnect with each other and with the feelings of wonder, awe, gratitude and our interdependence with the earth that are central to our faith.

Junior Youth

Junior Youth have been working on their ”frightful” Halloween movie, to be debuted October 30 as a fundraiser for Neighbors in Need. It’s a big group! Thanks to the adults who have been volunteering throughout the process to guide that effort: Terry Buchanan, Ed Wang, Anna Choi, Steven Craft and new Youth coordinator Amy Ruiter.

Senior Youth

Senior Youth had a Merrimack River boat cruise as they began their work with the Clean River Project, and some are helping out with the JYG movie project by acting or film editing so it can be as much of a youth-run project as possible. This past week they had a chance to get to know Amy Ruiter, who has jumped in with both feet. She reports that the youth took her arrival in stride and were very welcoming. The JYG immediately informed her how their sessions go (snacks first), and she was able to have some good conversations with the SYG who were present. Many thanks to Lorryn Kinkaid who is currently advising the group as they continue to shape what they would like to focus on this year.

Interested in Volunteering?

We all owe many thanks to those who are setting up tents, putting out supplies, helping with events, and helping to nurture our young people. There is room- and need- for more help going forward. Contact Kerry Anne Kilkelly.

Ferry Beach Retreat

Ferry Beach weekend provided a wonderful opportunity for children and youth to catch up with one another and with adults in the community. So many good conversations and lots of playful fun! The multigenerational talent show was back, along with drumming, all-ages volleyball, jewelry making, beach walking, worship, relaxing time- and a baby dedication! Thanks to organizers Lynn Wentzel, Jan Jones, and Steve Vail, who figured out ways for this retreat to happen while honoring covid safety protocols, and to event/workshop leaders Helen Cymbala, Kim Adami and Dave Cymbala, Annakiya Kilpatrick Marshall, and Cara Forcino.