UUs at the Boston Youth Climate Rally

collage of North Parish members at a youth climate change rally“You will die of old age. We will die of climate change.”

Those were the words on one of the signs at the youth-led Climate Rally and March this past Friday, attended by North Parish UUs, Connie Glore and Karen Martin, Also at the rally were former NP Climate Justice folks, Jim Mulloy and Rob Bonnie, Grace from First Church of Cambridge, who attended the North Parish service last Sunday, and UU Mass Action organizers, Claire Miller and Tali Smookler.

The student led event featured a young woman from Syria who had to leave her home because of war and the devastating effects of the drought that was likely caused by climate change. She stated that she fully expected to be forced from her new home in Revere because of the effects of climate change too. Another young person from Louisiana, whose home is endangered by rising seas and storms intensified by climate change said, “We’re outlining the actions. We have bills on the table. We don’t have the privilege to sit down and wait.” Other young speakers also expressed alarm at the slow rate of governmental action on the urgent issue of climate change.

If you are moved to address the climate crisis, please call your MA legislators in support of any or all of the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition Policy Principles. Each principle relates to a piece of legislation indicated at the end of the description. Just call and say you support this climate change legislation.

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