UU Mass Action Partnership Info Meetings

North Parish has been invited to be part of a new partnership program with UU Mass Action. The Climate Justice Group, Racial Justice Team, Community Action Team and others have offered their support for the proposal that North Parish become one of UU Mass Action’s congregational partners.North Parish is already deeply engaged with UU Mass Action and fulfilling much of what would be asked of a congregational partner. We would need to make a congregational donation to UU Mass Action, which has happened through the Community Action Team in the past. Such a partnership would deepen our collaboration with UUs across Massachusetts doing justice work and provide opportunities for coaching/mentoring for social justice leaders, youth engagement, and congregational education.The Board decided to engage the congregation in conversation about this partnership before voting on the matter. To that end:

• information and an opportunity to ask questions has been available at coffee hour for the last couple of weeks• an in-person information and Q & A meeting will be held Oct 16 at 11:15 am (after service) in the Blue Room• an on-line information and Q & A meeting will be held at 7 pm Tuesday, October 11.
The Board looks forward to hearing from you! Check the UU Mass Action website to find out more.