Time for Mystery

“The final mystery is oneself.”

– Oscar Wilde

“Let mystery have its place in you… leave a little fallow corner in your heart ready for any seed the winds may bring…”

– Alan Watts

Our December “Soul Matters” theme is “The Gift of Mystery”. The word mystery comes from the Greek root muo, which literally translated means “shut the mouth” or “to be rendered silent or dumbfounded.” As we head into the season with the greatest number of hours to notice the stars, a season of stories that speak of miracles and a newborn babe, what makes you speechless? What renders you silent, in a state of awe?

There are a lot of challenges going on the world and perhaps a lot in our lives. I invite us all to try to set aside some time and space over the next 3 or 4 weeks to let mystery have its place in us, a little fallow corner in our hearts- for even an hour on Sundays or with a small group. Here are a few of this month’s reflection questions offered to our Soul Matters groups:

  • What’s one thing you could do this month to more deeply encounter mystery?
  • If there was one mystery you could have answered or solved before you die, what would it be?
  • Has mysterious “meaningful coincidence” (synchronicity) ever pointed you in the direction you needed to go?
  • Do you tend to treat life more as a problem to be solved, a game to be won, a struggle to be survived, or a mystery to be lived?

Many thanks to the team that led last Sunday’s service including those who shared some of the mysteries of their ancestry. I joined the service at the UU Congregation in Andover to introduce myself and meet some of their members on their own turf. As you’ll see from the Board’s column, we have created a team to discuss the possibility of a merger and will welcome some UUCiA members at our service on December 10th.  If Coffee Hour gives you anxiety and you’d feel better having a role and a purpose, we are in need of folks who are willing to keep their eyes out for newcomers or anyone standing alone. (It’s never fun to feel alone in a crowd.)

It’s a big weekend!  THANKS to everyone for pulling together, volunteering at, contributing to and visiting the Red Bow Fair on Saturday! May we all meet new people, have fun and- dare I say it- make some money! And THANKS to the ten new members who will be recognized on Sunday. We’re so glad you’ve joined us!

See you at the Meeting House with Santa hat on,Rev. Lee in a santa hat holding a basket with red bow with Santa
Rev. Lee