The Path of Change

“Change the story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world.”

- Jean Houston

“All that you touch, you Change. All that you Change, Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God is Change.”

- Octavia Butler

This month, our Soul Matters theme is “The Path of Change.” Here are a few of the month’s reflection questions for those who wish to journal, or discuss in small groups or with a friend. If you have a reflection on change that you’d like to share with the wider congregation, let me know!

  • How good was your family at changing their minds and admitting they were wrong, and how has that shaped you?
  • What do you wish your 16-year-old self would have known or felt to make the changes of your teenage years easier? Your 25-year-old self? Your 40 or 60-year-old self?
  • If you could easily let go of one grudge, wound or regret, what would it be?
  • What do you wish you would have changed your mind about earlier?
  • Would your 5th grade self still recognize you as “you”?
  • How has your relationship with _(choose from the list)__ changed?  (Time, Family, Money, Love, Success, Self-love, God, Church, Earth, Rest, Spiritual Practice, Friends, Intimacy, Regret, Shame, Joy, Hope, Beauty, Your Body)

As the season, and life, and the nation changes, hope to see you at the Meeting House!
Rev. Lee