Tender Topics: Money and North Parish

puzzle of 100 dollar bill

As we approach the second anniversary of the beginning of the current pandemic and the third (!) stewardship pledge drive affected by covid, it is time for the Board to get real with the congregation about where we are with money, and what we see as challenges and opportunities going forward. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment as we put aside reluctance to talk about money and work together to sustain the faith community that nurtures us. There are all kinds of different ways to do your part. Email boardoftrustees@northparish.org to find out more and/or volunteer.

Stewardship Drive – Calling all “Fun” People

The stewardship committee, chaired by the unflappable Marsha Cordio, has only four members. They are looking for two or three new people to watch and learn from them. This small team will manage the actual pledge drive in March, but they also need help from an auxiliary FUN TEAM to keep us enthusiastic and playful as we all make our pledges. If playfulness and fun are part of what you love about North Parish, please raise your hand and say “yes!” to being part of the FUN TEAM.

Finance Committee and Treasurer – Calling those Comfortable with Budgets and Spreadsheets

Nancy Sarro is in her last year as treasurer for North Parish. She has been brilliant in explaining the budget and framing budgetary decisions for the Board, as well as working with the Finance Committee to develop and oversee the budget that you all approve at the Annual Membership Meeting in May. It is not a small volunteer job, but it is a critical one. It is a chance to put your financial acumen and wisdom to good use. To find out more, please reach out to one of the following members of the Nominating Committee: Kim Adami, Anna Choi or Lynn Wentzel.

In addition, Finance Committee Chair Dan Gerron is stepping down after a number of years of service. We are grateful for his wisdom and guidance in that role. There will be room on the committee for another person or two going forward; ask the Board if you’d like to find out more.

Legacy Giving – A call for Visionaries, Dreamers, and “People” People

We have a built-in stress point in our North Parish financial picture. Most of our budget is funded by pledges, and that budget continues to rise year over year due to increases in personnel and utility costs, including insurance. We need to better develop other sources of income, including income from bequests, especially as the congregation ages. These are gifts that will yield benefits in the future, just as we benefit today from gifts left to us by past members of our community. The Board is working on a legacy giving initiative; let us know if you’d like be part of the planning team. There is training available about the financial parts; what is needed are vision and people skills.