Stewardship Fun 2022!

Play and pledge. Pledge and play.

Have some fun either way

With This year’s Famous UU’s!

Last year famous Unitarian Universalists arrived at your doorsteps, surprising, amusing and most likely confusing.

This year, you have to go to them! You’ll find photos and get clues to identify famous UU’s and win not only everyone’s admiration but also a little something.

Go to North Parish on Sundays for services and a view of this year’s UU’s or visit our Facebook page to see photos and get clues (also posted below). You can drop off your answers at North Parish in the Sanctuary foyer or email your answers to Kim Adami.

Starting Sunday, March 13th find clues outside at North Parish to reunite with last year’s Famous UU’s. Take a selfie and send it in to the North Parish Facebook page.

Have fun and thanks for pledging!!

Clues for photos #1 & #2

1. Married couple from the “northern way.”

2. Famous and celebrated for their love and dedication to creating music

3. Her beautiful voice was his inspiration

Clues for photo #3

1. Middle name is the name of a month.

2. Wrote about one president and another president said this person was “the voice of America.”

3. Prize winner, 3 times

Clues for photo #4

1. Born a Unitarian in Brooklyn and 48 years after her death, she was depicted on a US postage stamp with Mary Church Terrell.

2. She was a Radcliff graduate and wrote several books.

3. Was moved to put words into action after hearing Fredrick Douglass.

Clues for photo #5

1. Loved to build “Organically.”

2. Personal life, tragic and scandalous often made headlines.

3. Significantly connected with a famous museum in NYC.

Clues for photo #6

1. This Unitarian loved to write and receive letters.

2. Intellectual advisor to many regarding politics and government.

3. This Unitarian had something in common with Barbara Bush and also with JFK.

Clues for photo #7

1. A democrat, sometimes considered a non- political politician.

2. Family involved in politics all the way back to President Lincoln.

3. An honest intellectual governor of Illinois saying no to Ike.

Clues for photo #8

1. A Unitarian of many “firsts”.

2. Lived in NY, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

3. This Unitarian’s middle name means, “Obstacle that prevents movement or access.”

Clues for photo #9

1.This person’s father was a Unitarian minister “across the pond”. This is also where this person was raised and lived.

2. Wrote an acclaimed book about a real-life “monster”.

3. Died on Ground Hog Day.

Clues for photo #10

1. Helped the helpless.

2. Crusader and social reformer

3. First and last name start with the same letter that rhymes with key.

#1 & #2