Spiritual Objects – Sacred Gifts for Your Soul

What is the story of your stuff?

What do you have in your home that you consider sacred? Where did it come from?

When honoring North Parish’s birthday, we often think about what a great gift the church is to our communal lives. This year, on its 389th birthday, we are looking for people to share the story of an object that is a great gift to their personal lives – a sacred gift, a spiritual object. Whether it is something you inherited or made, something given to you or serendipitously found, we want to see it, learn its story and value to you, and contemplate the simple joys of simple things.

If you (being a brave soul and all) would like to show and tell your spiritual object, email Aaron Pawalek to be a part of our birthday service on October 22nd by bringing the object to church and presenting a brief reflection on how that particular thing became a source of meaning for you. If you prefer not to speak, jot down your thoughts on a card and display it with your spiritual object on the mantle or a windowsill. Just for one Sunday, we can impart to the sacred space that is North Parish a sacred gift of our lived selves.