Scam/Phishing Warning

We apologize for another spamming attack this past week involving North Parish. Our tech professional tells us that despite all of our security, some spam we can’t prevent if someone gets access to a member’s email or a staff email off the website. Rev. Lee and other staff will never ask for prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or to start conversations in a vague or general way! Always CALL or write a separate email to or if you are tempted to respond to something like this; it’s likely a scam.


  • ALWAYS call and SPEAK to a real person. ALWAYS!
  • be suspicious of vaguely worded emails or emails asking for favors or to meet
  • ALWAYS check the sender’s email address & if it doesn’t match, delete the email
  • never click on any suspicious links

All it takes is one person to click and open the wrong attachment in an email for a script to run, scrape all the names and addresses from the users contacts and send them off to be used to deceive folks you know. Thank you for helping!