Saving Democracy (and our 5th Principle)

Wednesday, January 10th at 8:00 PM

A map of the USA with the flag overlayed on it. Text says 'Saving Democracy' at the top. Bottom text reads 'A user's manual for every American'Saving Democracy author David Pepper will challenge and guide us on how to play a more active and effective role in lifting democracy than you might have imagined.In his book, Pepper details how we all can and must play a role in saving democracy at this fraught time. He explains how all levels of the pro-democracy side, from national political leaders to grassroots activists to everyday Americans, must switch to offense. Pepper articulates how pro-democracy Americans can stay on offense and win on offense.Hear directly from author David Pepper, Sponsored by Reclaim Our Democracy and the Democracy Action Team at Unitarian Universalist for Social Justice

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