Re-weaving the Fabric of Community

Twice a year, the Board of Trustees meets with the Parish Council. The elected Board holds responsibility for the well-being of the parish, including policies, procedures, hiring and firing, and strategic planning. The Parish Council, chaired by Board member Bob Watts, includes a representative from each of the many committees, teams, and task forces that keep our faith community healthy and vibrant.

On December 9, the two groups of leaders will meet together to share stories, highlights, and concerns, and to consider what is most essential for our faith community at this time, given all of the challenges of the last two years. How will we move forward in a way that keeps what is important, while paying attention to the care and nurture of those who offer their labor of love to keep North Parish vibrant? It promises to be an uplifting and energizing meeting, and we look forward to sharing some of what we learn from each other.