Re-invigorating North Parish – Your Ideas Welcome!

The Board of Trustees had an in-person retreat on Saturday, July 16 in the North Parish chapel. Among the goals we agreed on for the year are:

  • “Re-invigorating Lay Leadership” after two long years of COVID
  • “Creative Experimentation” in the hopes of revitalizing the church even if COVID is still around for a while

With those goals in mind, members of the Board have begun the process of contacting our North Parish folks, finding out how people are doing and how they wish to be involved with the North Parish going forward. If we haven’t seen you for a while, we’d love to have you come back! We will ask you for feedback and creative ideas for re-engaging people. We’ll also be asking what events and programs you’d like to happen this year, and what ministries you would like to be part of going forward. It may take a few weeks to complete those calls; if you would like to set up a time to chat with a board member soon, please contact Board co-chairs Erika Cohen Maddaluno and Gail Forsyth-Vail. You can reach them both via email:

As part of the series of calls, we will be making specific requests for people to fill roles in our lay leadership team. The most pressing volunteer needs are:

  • Members of a Youth/Adult Team to work with Kerry Anne and our yet-to-be-hired youth coordinator to guide and support youth programming for junior and senior youth
  • Members of a Faith Formation Team for Children to work with Kerry Anne to guide and support programming for nursery through grade 5
  • Red Bow Fair chair (or co-chairs)
  • Fundraising Team chair (or co-chairs)
  • Members of a welcoming and membership team

If you are curious about any of these roles or interested in finding out more, please contact Erika and Gail.We are looking forward to connecting with you over the next few weeks. Thanks in advance for taking the time to talk with us.