Over Two Tons of Produce for the People’s Pantry

The People’s Pantry received approximately 4,800 pounds from the Boston Area Gleaners last year (estimated value: $8,370). The Boston Area Gleaners address food insecurity, on-farm food waste, and local farm sustainability. With the help of volunteers, the Gleaners harvest and pack food donated from local farms for communities across the region and provide fresh food to a network of local food pantries, food banks, and meal programs. The total cost to the People’s Pantry was a nominal fee of $300.Dave Lewis is to thank for his bi-weekly drive to Acton, MA where he collected the fresh vegetables and fruits and delivered them to the People’s Pantry. Check out the bounty he collected- including one trip that yielded 840 pounds of green beans!Anyone interested in helping to pick up produce next summer can contact Fran Rohr.