New North Parish Gathering Policies

Although COVID-19 is still circulating, we have reached a new phase in the pandemic. People of all ages can now be vaccinated, and there are medical treatments available. We have learned to live with the virus. In recognition of this new phase, the Board of Trustees has voted to:
Remove the mask mandate for people of all ages for worship, programs, and events. We remain a mask-friendly congregation, and in the spirit of creative experimentation, will set aside a portion of the sanctuary for those who wish to sit among people wearing masks (the left hand aisle as you face the pulpit). The Board has decided to:

  • Remove restrictions on the number of people allowed in the sanctuary, the parish hall, and the chapel, and to begin once again to use the smaller rooms in the building.
  • Remove any restrictions on singing. Please sing away!
  • Remove restrictions on eating in the building. The “no food and beverages in the sanctuary” rule, dating from before the pandemic, remains in effect.
  • Re-open the nursery for Sunday morning child care, once adequate staff are engaged
  • Continue offering services via Zoom and to make recordings available to provide an option for those who are at a distance, who feel ill, who have a known exposure to covid, or who are not comfortable or able to attend in person
  • Continue to encourage people of all ages who are able to do so to be vaccinated.

North Parish is a faith community, and part of what we do is to take care of each other. If you or anyone in your family feels ill or have had a known exposure, please remain at home and take advantage of our Zoom option. If you have recently been at an event with a large number of people, please wear a mask for the safety of those sitting next to you or take a COVID test. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and COVID-free.