Message Received

I saw this sign along the road in Sewanee, Tennessee, where I was visiting a collegial friend for a few days this week.  (She is on sabbatical at her old seminary at the Episcopal Church’s University of the South.) Parts of TN are in the Bible Belt and there are a lot more religious billboards along the roadways than there are in MA. Most of the messages do not sound UU. This one, though, I liked.

Sometime religious differences are so vast that we just can’t seem to bridge them.  But sometimes there are unexpected ways that we can connect and even agree with each other if we listen– and switch our “UU translation devices” on as needed. One side of this country church sign said “Jesus loves you”- which is a profound Christian theological statement but standard fare on signs.  But how about the other side? “Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you aren’t willing to move your feet.”

Well, amen to that. Message received! You can switch out the word “God” for Truth or Love or Hope or Kindness if you need to. But regardless, it’s good to be reminded to move one’s feet- even to “walk towards trouble” as Sister Simone Campbell of The Nuns on the Bus would say. Good trouble, necessary trouble, as John Lewis would say.

In a terribly unsettled time, may we hope and pray for only good trouble, and for peace in the world.

Rev. Lee

P.S.  My Thursday flights were cancelled, with no flights Friday and Saturday flights booked. If you plan to come into the Meeting House on Sunday, please double check the website for updates as we may have an “All Zoom” service if I end up Zoom Preaching from my friend’s living room. As of this writing, I have a convoluted flight into Hartford on Friday; the snowstorm and Delta airlines will determine my fate.