Message From Rev. Lee: Jun 7

"Soon enough the future will unfold, the door will swing open and the way be clear.  In the meanwhile, we can consider the distance we have come already, the lessons we have learned and the chapters closed.  By pausing to appreciate our growth, we find ourselves more restful than restless."

Julia Cameron

Dear good North Parish folk,

It’s good to be back!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for my sabbatical.  Thank you to everyone who stepped up, stepped in and zoomed in these past three months.  I’m impressed with all you accomplished- including a successful, half-hour-long Annual Meeting!- and I also know that there was much reflection, inspiration and meaning-making while I was gone.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about worship services and Rev. Kathleen’s sermons.  I’m so glad you were treated to a new, interesting, creative and pastoral voice from the pulpit these past three months, in addition to the guest preachers and John and Erin’s most wonderful and healing music.

While I’ve been catching up on North Parish news this week- both glad and sad- there is much I don’t yet know. Please send me an email if you’d like to share news or be in touch.  It feels a bit odd for me to re-enter church as some things are winding down and we come to the close of the regular church year.  Then again, what about this year has been “regular”?!?  What an unusual chapter- the pandemic year at North Parish.  It will be one for the history books.  You all certainly rose to the occasion.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you via Zoom this Sunday for a Flower Communion/PRIDE celebration.   Bring a flower or a bunch if you can. We may not quite have reached all the criteria to meet in person to exchange flowers this Sunday, but “soon enough the future will unfold, the door will swing open and the way (will) be clear.”  So may we be “more restful than restless”… if possible!  I am certainly grateful for the rest that you and the staff team granted me.

With gratitude for you and the kaleidoscope of late spring flowers,
Rev. Lee