Message From Our Director of Religious Education

"Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them.”

― Assata Shakur

In this election year when so much is at stake, and so much is uncertain, it’s easy to feel helpless and even fearful about the state of the world. Renowned educator, Marion Wright Edelman, once said (paraphrased) if you’re feeling frustrated about the state of the world, the best place to make a difference is working with children. After all, as Frederick Douglass may or may not have said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” This is why our RE logo here at North Parish reads, “Changing the world starts here.” It absolutely does. The values, principles, ideals, and morals that we as Unitarian Universalists believe in are the seeds we’re planting every week with our children and youth in Religious Education.

It has been my honor, privilege, and joy to work with so many of you in this, my first year at North Parish as you served as RE facilitators, OWL facilitators, Bridging Facilitators, Pageant volunteers, Consultants and RE Committee members. Many thanks and appreciation to:

Erin B.
Jordan B.
Barbara B.
Willow C.
Anna C.
Erika C.M.
Keith C.
Marsha C.
Ben F.
Janet F.
Kerry G.
Renee H.
Kristin H.
Allison J.
Lynn L.
John L.
Christine L.
Karen L.
Heather M.
Cara M.
Lauren M.
Tiffany M.
Carmen P.
Debb P.
Nick R.
Catherine R.
Mark R.
Katie R.
Michelle R.
Brenna S.
Alison S.
Kevin S.
Gail F.
Bob W.
Lynn W.
Melissa W.
Leslie Y.

If you volunteered this church year and I have failed to include you on this list, please accept my deep apologies and please let me know!

We will be honoring these difference-makers, these better-world-makers on Sunday, June 2nd!

If you’re feeling frustrated, or hopeless, OR excited about the possibility of making the world a better place, we need your help in RE! We schedule around the personal calendars of our volunteers so the more people we have helping out, the more we can make sure our facilitators are also getting time in church and time to attend to all the other responsibilities they have in life. If you have one hour to give to our children and youth, we would be so grateful! If you’re curious about this opportunity, please speak to me or one of the many wonderful volunteers on the above list.

With gratitude and love,