One Thing you can do – Green your Electricity

The UN report on climate change is out and it’s


We must green our electric supply to respond to the climate crisis!

If you are a North Andover resident, you can opt into the town’s Community Choice Power Supply. In choosing 100% National wind power for your electric service, you would pay .1 cent/ kWh more than you would with the standard town plan. So, if you use 1,000 kWh/mo, opting into the town 100% renewable plan would only cost you $1/mo more!!!

If you are currently not enrolled in town aggregation and are on the National Grid plan, you would save $15/mo with the town’s 100% renewable option!!

There are community solar programs available that would keep the money spent for energy in the state. This flyer offers questions to ask of the electricity suppliers before making a choice.

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