Gold Rush Fundraiser

Fancy text that reads "Gold Rush" with a shovel, pan and pick axe below

Go prospecting into your jewelry boxes to find all your broken, damaged, out of style or mismatched gold jewelry. (14 or 18kt white or yellow gold.) The price of gold is up, and that thar’ old jewelry you’ve been holding on to can be melted down and turned into funds to continue the mission of North Parish!

  • That simple 14Kt gold 1980s hoop earring you lost the match to at the New Wave Rave? It might bring as much as $25 in melt value!
  • That 14kt gold herringbone necklace (20 g) that got kinked when your sister borrowed it? $725.

Simply place your gold jewelry in a plastic bag with your name, phone number and email address and contact your miner, Kim Adami. Your jewelry will then be sorted and weighed by our expert. If you need an email receipt, let Kim know. Not sure if it’s gold? Throw it in – we will check for marking or have it tested. Tell your friends! Our miner will travel far and wide in search of the Mother Lode.

Mining for gold takes patience and time. This is an ongoing fundraiser.

Questions? Reach out to Kim Adami at 781-983-5523 or