General Assembly 2021 Summary

General Assembly 2021 Summary

Business Summary

The following amendments were adopted (page numbers refer to the 2021 Program Book (PDF, 108 pages)):

  • On the Consent Agenda:
  • Bylaw Amendment #4: Timeline for President-Elect to Take Office (p 99-100)
  • Bylaw Amendment #6: Religious Education Credentialing Levels (p 100-101)
  • Bylaw Amendment #1: Timeline for Submitting Actions of Immediate Witness (p 97)
  • Bylaw Amendment #2: Timelines for Campaigns for Moderator and President [with 1 Incorporated Amendment (PDF)] (p 97-98)
  • Bylaw Amendment #5: GA Registration Requirements (p 100)

The General Assembly affirmed these Actions of Immediate Witness

Election Results

  • Board of Trustees #3: Rev. Elizabeth Mount
  • Board of Trustees #6: JeKaren Olaoya
  • Board of Trustees #8: Rev. Sam Trumbore
  • Commission on Appraisal: Adrian Graham
  • Financial Advisor: Lucia Santini Field
  • General Assembly Planning Committee: Chelsea Surfus
  • Nominating Committee: Tim Atkins, Rev. Danielle Di Bona, cristy cardinal

The Statement of Conscience (SOC): Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy (PDF) was adopted.

Delegates also adopted the Responsive Resolutions


Thanks to all the GA participants who have contributed to our four special collections so far. Together you have donated more than $155,000 for the Living Tradition Fund, the Katie Tyson Fund for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Side with Love, and our Sunday worship beneficiary, MICAH: Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope. Any final gifts to these collections can be made through June 30.

Beacon Press Report

Unfortunately, time did not allow the Beacon Press report to be included in General Session as planned, but please check out their incredible work over the past year!