Church 2.0 Taskforce Update

While many of us are enthusiastic, or anxious, to get together, after multiple weeks of a slow small decrease in Covid we are experiencing an uptick.

Currently in Essex County for every 100 people who get Covid they share it with 116. This means case counts are on track to double in 18 days. Infection rates in NH are more than double those around North Parish. Masks and vaccines continue to be our way out of this pandemic. The CDC recommends anyone over the age of 4, who isn’t allergic to the ingredients, get vaccinated.

This disease continues to be particularly brutal to the elderly. You don’t want to get it and you really don’t want to share it. The average age of someone getting Covid is 34 the average age of some one dying from it is 73. 1/3 of those who died of Covid in the last week were vaccinated – breakthrough cases continue to be brutal to vulnerable populations.

We’re working to find ways to keep our community connected. Hang in there with us! Have any ideas? Don’t hesitate to reach out!