Celebrating Youthful Blessings

From what I hear from y’all, there is a lot going on out there… lots of low grade depression and overwhelm, folks feeling emotional and scattered and at times despairing with all that’s going on in their personal lives. The parents and teachers among us are navigating all sorts of school year-end events, perhaps still trying to figure out summer plans, all while coping with the emotional undertow of the shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas- and others. May unexpected blessings fall upon all our parents and teachers like cherry tree petals on a windy day!

On Sunday, we’ll have our own little celebration of milestones for our children and youth. This will include our Bridging Ceremony for the high school seniors who have just graduated and will be moving on to new chapters in their lives. We’ll also thank Erin Lane for her ten years at North Parish and we’ll celebrate spiritual friendship and community with a Flower Communion.

If you are one of the overwhelmed ones and a morning of milestones and requests to bring flowers and vegetarian food and a lawn chair are all just waaaaay too much for you… just come.  Just come to church, to sit and breathe, to feel your feelings, to relax and smile.
The kids don’t have to dress up. If they haven’t been coming much to RE since COVID- that’s OK!  We’ll help them feel special and important and connected again.
We will have extra flowers. The garden is overflowing with irises and peonies- and I have permission from Willow Cheeley to cut some for our morning together.
We will have extra food. The Climate Justice Team is making their magic vegetarian delights; maybe it will be just like the miracle of the loaves and the fishes! (Without the fish, of course.)
We even have extra chairs and really anything else we’ll need.  So come as you are- even if that is overwhelmed, depressed, emotional or scattered. Come if this community makes you happy.

The theme for the month is “celebrating blessings”. On Sunday, we will celebrate the blessings that come in the form of our kids and youth… and the people who have helped to raise them.

See you at the Meeting House,

Rev. Lee

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered if history repeats itself, you might be interested in last Sunday’s sermon. The YouTube recording can be found on our website… for those who have time for such things!