Can We Go To Church Today?

"I am focusing on cultivating the most powerful and loving version of myself to go out into the world and to give, and to love, and to care for people in a way that my grandmother tried to get me to understand almost 50 years ago.”

– Will Smith, actor

Last Sunday I was told my one of our newer moms that her four year old son asked her every single day last week “Can we go to church today?” It made me so happy to hear about someone so eager to get back to North Parish!

Newcomers are venturing to the Meeting House now that we’re open again, and it was such a delight to meet several of them last week.  I am so grateful for everyone who helps make North Parish such a welcoming, beautiful, spiritual, fun place. I am grateful for ALL that our members and friends do to support this community, even in- and especially in- a pandemic when we can’t necessarily get as much out of church as usual. As I said on Sunday, you all are cultivating the most powerful and loving version of North Parish possible. We are sending human beings out into the world to give, love and care for people, and that’s a good thing. You inspire me.

As we head towards Thanksgiving week, I know many will be reflecting on what we are particularly grateful this year. Some of us may be extra grateful for science and vaccines. I know that some of the children just getting their first vaccine shots are crying tears of relief, joy and gratitude. They’ve been waiting such a long time to feel safer.  Meanwhile, the parents of children under 5 are still living with the vulnerability of their kids being unvaccinated; I will continue to hold them in my heart and invite you to do so as well.

Our experiences during this pandemic continue to vary so much, depending on age and circumstance. May we continue to love each other through it all.

Gratefully yours,

Rev. Lee