Building Projects List Update

North Parish Maintenance Projects Status – January 2023

In priority order:

  • Steeple and pinnacle repair – Steeplejack has been in touch and will submit estimate for work soon. Hope to seek preservation grant.
  • Paint Sanctuary Ceiling – estimate $26,498
  • Paint Sanctuary Exterior – estimate – $45,200
  • Signage at building entrances – $1240. Received two donations, each to cover half the project.
  • Two broken sanctuary window panes; windows on north side of building stick – $17,500. Preservation grant application submitted. We must match funds if awarded ($8750)
  • Arborist skilled pruning of sycamore and maple along Great Pond Road (safety issue) – $1050
  • Dishwasher – currently functional but could break at any time – $4000
  • Furnace repair recently completed – $4000
  • Efficiency upgrades to sanctuary heating and cooling. Received donation to cover cost of assessment and recommendations
  • Hole in roof under solar panels – waiting on SunBug Solar, need to remove panels to repair roofing. Warranty work?