Black History Month Banner Project

Members of the Racial Justice Team, with unanimous support from the Board of Trustees, have been working behind the scenes on a project to celebrate Black History Month each February beginning in 2022. Please consider supporting this work.Artwork for a series of banners has been commissioned from Elevated Thought, an art and social justice Lawrence-based 501(c)(3) organization that actively serves and develops BIPOC communities through youth empowerment. Each banner will acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of an African American with local, regional or state connection. In 2022 the banners will be displayed at town buildings, the Historical Society, and North Parish church. Then annually beginning February 2023 the banners will be displayed around the North Andover Common. Along with the banners we are working to provide weekly programming at the Historical Society supporting the project.The cost of design and printing for each banner is about $375. We have applied for a Cultural Council grant but will still need to privately raise around $5,000 to complete the project even if we are awarded the grant. Contributions, of any amount, can be made to support this work by sending a check to North Parish with a note that it is for the Black History Month banner project. Please be in touch ( if you have any questions about the project.

Donate to the Black History Month Banner Project Here