BiWeekly Tip on “Daily Living for a Health Climate”

reusable grocery bag full of groceriesThe North Parish Climate Justice Group will be sharing bi-weekly tips of things that we can all be doing in our daily living to contribute towards a healthy climate.

Tip #1

As stated on the website “Defend Our“, “With the climate crisis, plastics loom large. Plastics production and disposal will account for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, if projected growth remains unchecked.” One easy way to reduce use of plastics is to only use reusable bags for shopping. Most people reading this probably already do this, but here are some related points –

  • Keep your reusable bags in the car, so you always have them when needed
  • They are not just for groceries! Use your reusable bags for other types of shopping, such as for toiletries, housewares, etc.
  • Don’t forget that plastic bags provided at the grocery store for produce are also on the naughty list! Many sources offer reusable produce bags.
  • Do you know someone who has not yet made the switch? Consider giving them reusable bags as a gift!

Stay tuned for future bi-weekly tips! You can view ALL the climate justice tips and postings on the News Listing page and selecting Climate Justice from the drop down box.