BiWeekly Tip #6 on “Daily Living for a Healthy Climate”

Do you feel slightly guilty from an environmental perspective about having things delivered to your doorstep? If so, you might not need to!!!

One van delivering 50 packages can be more efficient than 50 people driving to the store.
But… use online shopping to replace—not supplement—in-store buying.

It always helps to think of your shopping as involving a vehicle—yours or the delivery company’s. So to minimize the total environmental impact, try not to use online ordering for goods that you already buy in a physical store or that are available at a store that you already visit.

If the item you need involves a special trip in your vehicle, it will likely be more efficient to have it delivered.

Also think about ways to make your shopping trips more environmentally friendly – can you walk or bike to the store?

And, lastly, less consumption overall is good for the environment and for your pocketbook!