Biweekly Tip #4 on “Daily Living for a Healthy Climate”

Say No to Toothpaste Tubes

• By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
• Over one billion plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown away a year.

Bite makes a pelletized toothpaste, tooth whitener and bamboo toothbrush which arrive in 100% paper packaging and refillable small glass bottles. Automatic shipping is available.

“The United States used to sell much of its plastic waste to China, shipping
across the Pacific. But in 2017, China banned imports of many types of
plastic. In the US only 8.8 percent of the plastic that goes into garbage and
recycling bins actually ends up getting recycled. When you look at the scale
of this issue, we can’t, as consumers, recycle our way out of this.

There’s a growing momentum behind the idea that companies should be held
responsible for the waste they produce, instead of taxpayers, This summer,
Maine and Oregon became the first states to pass laws making producers pay
fees for this packaging.”