Biweekly Tip #13 on “Daily Living for a Healthy Climate”

Energy Tips!!!

  • If you haven’t recently, call Mass Save for an energy audit.
  • If you are thinking of replacing your gas or oil burner, consider air source heat pumps. They are 2 -3 times more efficient that fossil fuel heating systems, they provide the added bonus of cooling and you don’t need to worry about fluctuating gas prices. Mass Save has rebates up to $10,000.
  • If you are replacing your stove, consider an induction cooktop. They are safer and heat up faster than gas stoves. Kitchen stoveThey also improve indoor air quality over gas stoves. (Gas stoves release toxic emissions even when they are turned off.)
  • Switch your electricity to 100% renewable. If you live in North Andover or a town that has municipal electrical aggregation, choose the 100% renewable option. When the church switched to 100% renewable in 2020, we calculated the cost for the previous year to have been  $6/mo more. The church uses much more electricity than any of our homes. To sign up, go to and opt in.
  • If you live in a town without a program like North Andover’s, you can still buy 100% renewable electricity. There are many suppliers, but we recommend Green Energy Consumers Alliance . It is estimated to cost $5 -$10/ mo more for an average sized house. This is local energy provided by a non-profit organization.