A Blessed Winter Solstice!

Almost every major religion has a celebration in the winter season, marking the shortest sunlight of the year.

Candles, fires, vigils, and fellowship while we wait for the coming of light and warmth. An important reminder to modern folk: the holiday preparations were originally done INSTEAD of regular work, not in addition to it! When the harvest was over and spring planting not yet begun, there was not much else to do. People were free to cook, decorate, and feast as much as they were able! Evergreens, holly, and mistletoe were brought indoors to lend the protection of the outdoor energies. Yule logs were burned all night, kindled with a piece of last year’s log to link the old with the new. North Parish will be celebrating Solstice at the Sunday Service on 12/19, and we are also offering a more intimate Yule Circle via zoom with Helen and David Cymbala on Tuesday evening 12/21. (Contact Helen@Cymbala.com for personal Zoom Link). Wishing you a Bright, Blessed Yule and a Happy New Year!