~Photo by Ethan Lennhoff
April 18, 2021 ~ 10:00 am ZOOM Service 
Earth Day Celebration
Please see here for the April 18, 2021 Order of Service
Zoom link (Meeting ID, 824 0481 1225; Passcode NP375)
Preaching:  Rev. Kathleen Hepler, Finding Paradise
Musicians:  John Middleton-Cox, Music Director; Erin Lane
Service:  Kerry Anne Kilkelly  
Zoom Host:  Susan Diachisin
Caring Team Host:  Denise VanVooren
Sanctuary Audio and Video:  Steve Vail, Eddie Nachamie
We set aside this Sunday to honor the earth that is in us and around us.  How do we do the work of loving the world?  Why does this matter?  How can we help this generous and forgiving living being that is our home?
Earth Day Pledge of Allegiance by Vern Barnet
I pledge allegiance to the earth and all life:
the fields and streams, the mountains and seas,
the forests and deserts, the air and soil,
all species and reserves, habitats and environments.
One world, one creation one home, indivisible for all,
affected by pollution anywhere, depleted by any waste,
endangered by greedy consumption, degraded by faithlessness.
Preserved by equity, conservation, and reverence,
the great gift renewed for all generations to come.

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