UU Christian Discussion Group

Logo for the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship with text that reads "Freely following Jesus"A bi-weekly Bible study in the Chapel on Sundays, 9-10am starting February 18th (No service on Easter, see events calendar for meeting dates.)

RSVP requested. (Formerly called “Freely Following Jesus Bible Study.”)

Every other week, we will listen to one another and allow all responses to “be there.” Participants decide for themselves which answers are helpful and which are not. There is no debating. We are all equals before the text, since we’re all experts on our own experience. “Our goal… as we move among these texts is that we are transformed.” – Walter Wink

In the spirit of Jesus, we are thankful to have a set time to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.

To RSVP email Donna Cloney or click the links below for more info:

Order of Service
About Donna Cloney
Guidelines for Discussion