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Every Sunday, we offer a number of engaging opportunities for youth in both junior high and high school to explore their spirituality. Understanding that adolescents are at a critical point in the development of their personal and spiritual development, we strive for a balance of spirituality, support, social justice and fun.


Junior Youth Group: Grades 6-8

Grades six through eight explore their developing spirituality and commitment to their faith through social justice projects; worship and discussion; social outings; and exploring other faiths in the Neighboring Faiths curriculum, which will include study of and visits to other faith communities as well as a deeper look at how an understanding of other faiths relates to and enhances the Junior Youths’ developing UU identity.




Senior Youth Group: Grades 9-12

Through social justice projects; worship; opportunities for strengthening friendships; and field trips, high school youth get a chance to further develop their own spirituality and commitment to their faith while exploring spiritual practices that are the most meaningful to them.





Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education: Grade 8

We offer a comprehensive sexuality-education curriculum for youth in grade eight. The Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program, written as a joint venture between the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, is offered on Sunday evenings in the winter/spring.

Religous Education - COAComing of Age: Grade 9

The Coming of Age (COA) program is a yearlong, mentored program offered to ninth graders to help them prepare to assume responsibility for their own faith journeys. Each youth participant has the chance to explore who s/he is as a spiritual individual, who s/he is as part of a faith community, and his/her place in the wider world. The program culminates in an honoring ceremony where each youth presents an expression of his/her values, beliefs, and experiences.

Bridging: Grade 12

The Bridging process is for young people who are graduating from high school or have achieved their GED. Typically, the Bridgers meet with the Director of Religious Education in April to share their future plans and plan the Bridging Ceremony. During the ceremony- which is part of a Sunday morning service- the youth state that they are ready to assume the challenges of young adulthood. The younger teens thank them, the adults welcome them as new young adults, and the congregation blesses them on their way.