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Together Under One Roof: Finished …. But Not Quite

The “Let’s Build It” phase of bringing North Parish Together Under One Roof is now officially complete. Construction is done (though the Building Task Force is still chasing a few minor details), Windover Construction has been fully paid, and everyone is learning their way around our wonderful new facility. The final cost came in just below the $2,225,000 updated budget approved by the Board last fall. There is much to celebrate!

However, the “Let’s Pay For It” phase is still ongoing. By the end of 2014, members and friends of North Parish had contributed $1,485,562, towards the capital campaign, which is 84.3% of the total pledge dollars recorded. 53% of all pledges have been fully contributed. That’s fantastic support, and we are deeply appreciative of everyone who has stepped up and contributed every one of these dollars. But … we’re not yet done with this phase. As our new addition becomes a part of our regular routines at North Parish, it’s incredibly important that we not push to the back of our minds the need to finish paying for it. The balance of our mortgage loan currently stands at $725,309, and our goal is to bring that balance down to – and preferably below – the $400,000 budget we had originally established. We will do that by collecting the rest of the funding pledged and still to be contributed to the capital campaign.

Most of the pledge funds still outstanding were targeted for delivery in 2015, so we are certainly not behind schedule. If you are contributing on a regular payment schedule, we thank you for sticking with it. If you intend to make your remaining contribution in one or more lump sum payments, we ask you to consider whether you can make those payments early in the year rather than late, as every dollar we can put towards reducing the size of the loan sooner, saves the church money on interest payments. And, if you are relatively new to North Parish, perhaps missed out on the opportunity to participate in the fun we all had with the capital campaign, but want to help support the building you now enjoy, we share with you that we are still accepting additional donations. Every dollar helps. Please connect with any one of us (contact information shown below), or with Kim Tracy in the parish office, if you would like to make a new (or a supplemental) contribution.

Finally, the CCC and BTF are together working on some ideas for a “photo book” of the entire programming, design and construction process, similar to the one we did for the work on our meetinghouse building a few years ago, and also on a way to provide donor recognition. If you would like to be included among that list of supporters and haven’t yet contributed …. Now would be the time to participate!

Thank you all for your generosity,

Your CCC Tri-Chairs,

Peter Calkins Dan Gerron Fred Glore

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