Are you a newcomer to North Parish, whether new to Unitarian Universalism or just new to this particular congregation?  Someone who is considering joining the congregation as a member?  A longer-term member who would like to meet some newer members, reflect on why you are a UU, and get a quick re-grounding in UU history and theology?  If so, you might be interested in our “New UU” series.

Usually offered in the fall, winter and spring, the “New UU” series is comprised of three small group opportunities.  Childcare is provided with RSVP.Voices of UU

To learn when the next class will be offered, please contact us.   In the meantime, you may enjoy watching the UUA video, “Voices of a Liberal Faith.”  In this video, members and ministers share their thoughts on worship and fellowship, explain the goals of religious education, explore the historic roots of our religion, and celebrate the spirit of social justice that inspires our faith.

If you find North Parish is your spiritual/religious home or identify yourself as a Unitarian Universalist, we invite you to join us as a full participant in the life of the congregation. Click here to learn how to become a member.