Green Sunday CelebrationAmerican Unitarian Universalism has its roots in the early American colonies and thrives today as a free-thinking, non-creedal religion where all are welcome. Rather than follow a set of specific beliefs, we look to a variety of common sources for spiritual inspiration and agree to follow a set of ethical principles.

UUs welcome mindfulness, gratitude and awe into their lives– some for the wonder and mystery of the universe and the earth, some for the power of human love, and others for God’s love (or all three!) We don’t focus on sin but emphasize the potential goodness of all people and celebrate the original blessing of life. We are bound not by a creed that dictates our beliefs but by a covenant – an agreement to walk together on the journey through life.

We embrace people with wide-ranging theological and philosophical ideas: atheists, agnostics, religious humanists, Buddhist UUs, Jewish UUs, Christian UUs, pagan UUs, pantheists, panentheists, process theologians, mystics and undecideds. Some of us grew up UU, some with no religious background at all, some in other faiths. Some of us married someone of a different faith and began looking for a place where both were supported; some discovered later in life that we were always Unitarian Universalist and never knew it. If that’s true in your case, there’s a community waiting for you!