Do religious congregations make you think “hierarchy”? Think again! Unitarian Universalist congregations are self-governing. All members have a vote in congregational meetings. Votes include issues such as the direction of the congregation, the annual budget and the election of Board members and officers. Members also vote to “call” a minister after being presented with a candidate by a Search Committee. In the past, North Parish members have voted to become a:

UUA GBLT Welcoming CongregatiIMG_7554on
UUA Green Sanctuary
– UUA Fair Share Congregation – Mass Bay District
– UUA Fair Share Congregation – National
– UUA Fair Compensation Congregation
UUA Teaching Congregation for Ministerial Interns, and
– Fully Accessible Congregation by 2016. (For our current level of accessibility,
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North Parish of North Andover

This covenant of right relations is an expression of our collective values in an inclusive, free-thinking faith community.

It is a statement of promises to one another about how we want to be in community together. Building community is an ongoing spiritual practice. Inviting the spirit of love and gratitude into our interactions, we each work to develop skills and promote practices that strengthen the bonds of relationship. We aspire to co-create a spiritual community of people with open hearts and open minds.

When practicing right relations, people may disagree vigorously but still treat each other respectfully, stay connected, and learn together. Through these actions, we build trust and create an inclusive, free-thinking faith community.

At North Parish, we:

Cultivate attentive listening, speaking with care and compassionate honesty in a way that respects that each person has a unique path and truth.

Provide opportunities to share diverse ideas, recognizing that differences in thoughts and opinions, ideally, communicate caring and involvement.

Assume positive intent, recognizing that our actions have an impact, regardless of intent.

Ask for help, support, and collaboration when needed, and encourage others to do the same.

Acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes, and therefore seek and offer forgiveness and compromise.

Take responsibility for ourselves and speak from our own experience. We do not rely upon second-hand information.

Communicate our discomfort directly, when we hurt another or are hurt by another.

Resolve conflicts through compromise and collaboration and, when necessary, request mediation through committee chairs, group facilitators, our ministers or others.