• Welcome New Members Cake
  • Local Beer Tasting Event
  • Red Bow Fair Parade 2012

Have you experienced the benefits of being a part of the North Parish community? Are you glad or grateful to be a Unitarian Universalist? Are you curious about how to keep it going and “pay it forward?”

We have inherited a great religious tradition, and we are shaping its present and future. We invite you to join us on a continuing journey of spiritual growth, greater access and equality for all. Your support will make a difference.

There are many ways to offer support to the congregation. Signing up as a member, donating time and talent, and supporting North Parish financially are three key ways that congregants affirm their commitment to one other and to our religion. Such active support changes us from mere consumers into “stewards” of this faith.

Regardless of its form, stewardship is at heart a spiritual practice. It affirms our commitment to our own spiritual and ethical life as well as our commitment to walk with others. Together, we can help create a “beloved community” right here on earth, and choose to bless the world.