May you be happy. May you be healthy.
May you live in safety. May you live with ease.”
– A loving-kindness meditation that accompanies each prayer shawl

North Parish is a caring community where you will be cared for and called upon to care for others. All congregants are invited to contribute to our community through caring deeds (meals, rides, cards, etc.) This network of support is coordinated by a small group of members (“The Caring Team”) who have some experience in care giving and a history with the congregation and Unitarian Universalism. Please let us know in what ways you would like to offer care by completing the Caring Team’s Online Form.

Working in conjunction with the minister, the Caring Team can support those who are facing a short-term personal crisis or emergency. Caring Team members make hospital visits, offer emotional/spiritual support, and run occasional support groups on topics such as caring for aging parents or facing grief. The Caring Team can help arrange for emergency meals for the freezer and rides to medical appointments.

If you are in need of care or support, let us know how we can help, or if you just need a listening ear. If you have come through a certain life challenge and would like to offer your ear to others facing something similar, please let the minister know. To reach either the team or minister, please contact us here.

Caring Team - Prayer Shawl Ministry Dedication 2012 #2Through our Shawl Ministry, the Caring Team also provides prayer and meditation shawls for those who are ill or in mourning. Knitters of all abilities are welcome to join our monthly knitting circles. Contact us if you are interested in knitting (see Calendar for upcoming dates) or know someone who might benefit from a shawl.