North Parish is a congregation where we try to take care of each other in times of loss, grief, personal crisis or emergency. Many of us may have sought out a new religious community in the wake of a loss, a death in the family, divorce, job insecurity, physical or mental health challenges or family crisis. Most of us experience some of these life challenges at some point on our journeys.

When you can use some support, there are a few avenues to find it:Patoral Care - Labrynth Stone

  • You may be in touch via the website contact form, email, call or meet with the minister, who holds regular office hours and is on call in case of emergencies.
  • You may let the congregation know through the candles of joy and sorrow during Sunday services. You may light a candle yourself, write your challenge down and give it to an usher who will pass it to the Worship Assistant to light a candle, or contact the minister ahead of time and ask her to include your challenge in the candles or the meditation. Please note that some weeks the candles are lit silently, so it is best to contact us in advance.
  • Small groups provide care and support for their members. Since most groups include a “check-in” time at meetings, members can find ongoing support, and get to know and accompany each other through the seasons and cycles of life. To learn more about small groups, please click here or contact Rebecca Driscoll.
  • The Caring Team is an additional group of volunteers who strive to provide support for parishioners who do not have sufficient small group support. Click here to contact us.