Milestone ceremonies are celebrated during Sunday morning services for those who are regular attendees of the children’s religious education program. Children or youth and their families are invited forward at the beginning of the service, introduced to the congregation and presented with a gift.

Milestone gifts are intended to remind the child and family of their UU identity and the important place they have in the wider congregation. They also support UU practices at home.Children Milestones - K Chalice

Our Milestone Celebrations and their associated gifts are:

  • Infants through Youth: Namings and Dedications, a rose
  • Kindergartners: Handmade Family Chalice
  • Second Graders: UU Hymnal- Singing the Living Tradition
  • Fifth Graders: Framed Copy of UU Principles and Sources
  • Ninth Graders: Coming of Age, Glass Chalice
  • Twelfth Graders: Bridging to Young Adulthood, rose and a UU gift

If your child began participating in the RE program after one of these milestones in their own life, but would like to receive a particular UU milestone gift that they missed, please contact the Director of Religious Education for inclusion.