Dear North Parish members and friends,
Last week, I invited those who have family members coping with addiction and would like to connect with others, and those who have been through such an experience and would like to offer support, to send me a note. Thanks to those who responded. It is helpful to know one is not alone while going through the experience of a child or other family member in rehab, recovery or in struggle.
This week, I’d like to extend the same offer to those among us who have family members who are coping with mental illness. If you experienced someone- a child or others in your family- struggling with mental illness and would like to offer or receive support from others in the congregation who have walked this path, please let me know. I will be collecting emails and sharing them with those who wish. Sometimes it’s just nice to know the names of others who understand your experience.
Hoping again for health and peace for all those we love in this new year,
Rev. Lee

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