As many of us are aware, our state, region and nation are being deeply affected by the opiate crisis, which is leading to many untimely deaths due to heroin addiction. Others of us are only too aware of the impact of addiction to alcohol on our families. If you or your family is impacted by addiction, you are not alone at North Parish.
If you would like to simply connect with other members with similar experiences, or would like to offer yourself as a resource to others, please contact me with your wishes and I can pass your name on confidentially to a small group of folks who are supporting each other. You may also be aware that the church is home to several AA and AlAnon meetings throughout the week, and can also provide spiritual support through our small group ministry circles or the Great Pond Sangha weekly meditation sessions.
There is no reason to feel alone on Sundays with this particular burden, with others who understand sitting all around you. You can specify your desired level of connection and confidentiality. May all whom we love find health and wellness in the New Year.
In faith and fellowship,
Rev. Lee

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